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Yes I Am

Heritage Singers

It is settled I am certain
In My heart and in my mind
I will pass the glory curtain
And I'll leave this world behind
I will stand with the immortal
With a happy land in view
Then I'll journey through the portals
Down the golden avenue

I'm gonna leave some glorious mornin
Yes I am, Yes I am
I'm gonna cross the chilly jordan
Yes I am, Yes I am
Although the water is deep
And the river is wide
I'm gonna stand on the other side
I'm gonna live in heaven some day
Yes I am, Yes I am

I'm waiting at the station
Listening closely to the call
I have made my reservation
Through the one who paid it all
Not by migh, not by power
But in Christ, in Christ alone
I am leaving any hour
Praise the lord, I'm going home

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