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Shared Islands

High Places

Day One of film shoot
L.A. sky- white with slight blue
Palm trees
More about the anticipation of something to come than just a nothingness or boredom"
Ooooh we could talk and talk about sitting together in silence
I haven't slept a wink in a week just thinking about sleeping

This is where I go to meet you
I'll crane my neck and close my eyes
The sun's too bright
You're far away

On a gloomy beach in the south of France
We will have the sand in our pockets for a long time
If we're quiet we can stay the night
It's okay it's all right it's okay it's all right, etc.

All night, all night
And what is it on a postcard
All night, all night
And what is it on a postcard

It only goes without saying that this includes shared islands, twilights, deserts, seas, the deer of Nara, some books, and engravings.
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