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He Came For Me

Hilary Weeks

Come close my precious child
Listen to the words I'll say
Many years ago, before you were born
Jesus came, and He changed my life forever

It was dark for many days
The storms had taken all we owned
I'd been driven to my knees
Longing for the warmth of my home
When a light appeared above me

He had comeKing of all Kings
Ruler of Worlds
For His other sheep
I felt His hands
I touched His feet
I'll forever rejoice
He came for me

It was like there'd been a drought
And every word He spoke was rain
Bringing hope into our lives
And life to the promise of prophets
Passed down through the ages

Then He called the children close
He loved them just as I love you
He let thme touch the marks
He let them kiss His cheek
Any they knew. We all knew!


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