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Cats Like Us

Hillbilly Hellcats

Some people try for a pie in the sky slavin? away just to have it.
You could put all of their dreams at our feet but we wouldn?t bother to grab it.
They worry and slave, their hours are so long
We?re skipping through life with only a song
And if trouble?s comin? we?re gone, it?s a habit

Cats like us got our own little scene, our own little walk, talk, and song
We found a sound on the far side of town
In a place where all cats can belong
In this whole wide world we don?t stand a chance
But we?ll laugh and we?ll love and we?ll party and dance
Together only to trust cats like us

I?m here to report, life is too short, to spend it a slave to ambition
We gotta have fun before our time is done
Cause we leave in the same damn condition
Some scrimp and save and they barely behave
But i swear that they?re missing the point
Cause they ain?t got the style and the smile of the cats in this joint
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