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Road Rage

Hillbilly Hellcats

It's a terrible drive when the clock strikes five and
I'm a comin' to a traffic jam ahead
Gettin' madder by the minute while i'm sittin' right in
It at a traffic light that's always turnin' red
Well i'm a' honkin' my horn, cussin up a storm,
Cause you cut me off and passed me on the right
And you better not linger when you're givin' me the
And if we stop there'll be a fight

I'm in a road rage, on a rampage
Yeah my neck's turnin' red and my foot's gettin
Heavy on the gas
It's the last stage, of an outrage
I'm a half a foot behind you so you
Better turn your wheel and let me pass

I'm a' startin' to worry goin' nowhere in a hurry
And now my exit's comin' up ahead
Better move over rover- my temper's takin' over
Cause you havent heard a single thing i said
But if you wanna spar step on out of that car
And we'll have a nice friendly little chat
I'll hit your wheel hub with my golf club
And you'll reply with a baseball bat
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