Bizarre Words


Who are you carrying all those bricks for?
You don't know
Who are you crying all these tears for?
Ask while you fall
Is this acting or entertainment?
False sympathy
Insecure movements called depression
False honesty

So your pastis what attacks you
It hunts you down
What you have is just the false truth
From a pervert clown
Can't stop blaming, no one listens
Ears made to ignore
So your instinct's getting impatient
Darkness to adore

Bizarre words for deviation
Why resist?
Show me who you are
Wicked passions are

Bizarre language touching your ears
You can't speak
There's no past goodness can fix
Mouths getting sick
You've lost yourself in your own thoughts
Feet can't touch the ground
Come and take what you're losing
Do it while you can
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