Walking By

Holiday Parade

It's about he nights we spent
locked up inside your room
it's about the morning breaking
always just a bit too soon
it's about the way you're scared
baby, just maybe I'm aware
this is what you need 'cause

every time you walk in the room
can't help myself
i wanna be with you
hit the mic, a quick check
one, two singing out my lungs
just to reach you
I'm alive
and I keep my cool one more time
and you just keep on walking by

I take a day to tell myself
I'm gonna end up fine
it's all part of some master plan
we're all a little lost inside
even if i run right now
swore you off
I'd still come back somehow
and here I am now

I take a day to soak you in
for a while
I'm hanging on the best I can
let go
cause maybeif I felt it once
Then I could somehow feel it again
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