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Tyrants And Wraiths


Ballads of death
In killing fields
A new age of fear
A life of kings
Forgotten ones
Concealed in shadows
The piercing wails
Of human flesh

Wraiths ...suspended time and fate
Fate ...comes knocking at the door
Wraiths ...foretell the tyrant's tale
Wraiths ...will sing their glorious songs

Carved for eternity
A name in gold
Seek immortality
In every breath
Yet justice prevails
And in the throes of death
Vengeance is vile
Open the gates of hell

Wraiths ...standing the test of time
Time ...will only wait so long
Wraiths ...foretell the tyrant's fate
Wraiths ...returned to hallowed ground

Columns of rising smoke
Written in wreaths of lies
In unmarked tombs of pain
Silence screams

Unspoken words of valour
Grow louder through the years
Though falling on deaf ears
Are carried by the winds

Relics of sin
Steal the night away
Lurking in sleep
Phantom daffodils

Castles of sand in changing tides
Fall to the scorn of accusing waves
One by one refusing pleas
Digress triumphantly into the seas

As tyrants slowly drown in sacrificial waters
Awaiting wraiths of fabled lore find their peace

Fall back into the mists of fading endless battles
Remembrance following their stoic, solid stride

Wraiths ...standing the test of time
Wraiths ...recall the tyrant's fate
Wraiths ...returned to hallowed ground
Wraiths ...sing their glory

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