11 September

Holy Knights

Danger is everywhere
You can find nobody here
I can't now believe it
Like a river I see to flow away all my dreams
Be only one make survive you
Be only one make to scrape you
To be only one I'm trying to highlight my hard way

Sleeping in my bed
All the dreams becomes so far
How can I be free now that I know
Silence doesn't mean just what I hope?
Eleven nineis a symbol
How can mankind be surprise of
The pain and the fear, the tears of the children survived?

We'll see the trails in the sky together
Earing screams that breaks our hearts
Walking on the rubble
We'll try to hear another breath of human
Silence and cold make we lose any hope

I will survive
Bring with me your sorrow
Won't surrender to this pain
So I will fly too higher
Won't give up to follow us, forever...
To scrape I tried so many way
The dark is coming from my memories
I'll leave this evil to take back the wasted time
And fly away from this cage
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