Brand New Me

Hometown News

Another day the sun is just about to shine
And I'm watching squirrels robbing my bird feeder blind
Oh I tried to sleep in late
but the day just wouldn't wait
And this cup of coffee feels good in my hand

It's been seven years since I finally settled down
And I have learned that life is good here on the ground
Yeah my job is not that bad
Sure there's more I wish I had
But what I have is more than eyes can see
Yeah It's a brand new me

A brand new me loving every minute
A brand new me I'll find the good in it
A brand new me laughs are cheap and love is free

It's funny how a wife and kids can change your plans
Turn and average Joe into a better man
I try to keep up with the rest
Lord knows I'm not the best
But that's OK as long as I try to be

(repeat chorus)
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