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Shapeshift (Feat. Jamie Stewart)

Horse The Band

(Featuring Jamie Stewart)

Pushing thrusting bulbs
into the light
a peasant thought
starts its flight
from reason
and from fact
a peasant thought

grows two legs
opens up its heart
an absurd courtship

oh dear
oh dear
what has become of hesitation?
oh dear
oh dear
did the mosquito's bite bring me down?

She said..
"Let's sing the crippling song"
Her lips always ate moments
like days
..and I was not prepared

I was gone

..and I was not prepared
to let my guard down
so I fed her
the end


We would throw
rocks n' things
into our well
ourselves as well
we would ride to a
. . clack and kabik

Like Dinosaurs

Dropping into the darkness

You should have seen her..
at one with the gods
she said
"Let's sing the Cripple Song"
Then I was gone

Oh dear, Oh dear!
Then I was gone
Oh dear, Oh dear!
Then I was gone
She said
"Let's sing The Cripple Song together"

Then I was gone.
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