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Horse The Band

That little bastard.
With his tricks and vile forms of play. hacking. shaving. slicing. mutillating.
All that will yield before him or that gets in his way.
Little android man half the size that i am.
Scissors on his head.
Sccciiisssooorrrrsssss on his fucking head!!
Little android man. born without a soul. without that force of reason.
The scissors took control.
Little android man.
Born without a heart, if he's in your vicinity he'll cut you apart!
Here he comes there's no line it's just a game.
Don't look back he's right behind and here's my piece of mind.
(cut cut cut cut cut cut cut cut)
Little android man.
Born without a soul. without the voice of reason, the scissors took control!
Little android man.
Born without a heart anything around him he'll simply tear apart.
Robotic retard counts his fingers 1 2 3 4.
Little android man never- never
Never trust a little android man
He'll cut cut cut cut.
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