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Never Trust The Weather


It's a sunny day
But I brought a coat
I've learned from my town
Not to trust the weather
Blue skies come and go
Just like happiness
And there's no pill to bring the sun
Oh, no

Believe me when I tell you
That I need to feel the rain
It's funny how it inspires me
When I'm in pain

Here I go again
Same shit, different day
Happiness, loneliness
Forever taking turns
Ready to strike
Doesn’tmatter if I’m at a party

People come and go
Should have learnt by now
There’s nothing you can do
I’ve read it in a book
Grey is good
As good as blue

But hear me, love
Never trust the weather
The sun will go away
It'll all be grey again

Never trust anyone that needs pills too much
Like I need the rain
Never trust anyone that don't believe in change enough
God, it's raining
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