Back Of Your Neck


Steal a car on a dare
Dump it in the minow river
You think we're Bonnie and Clyde
But both of them fucking died
I think you're mid july
Smoke you in hot as a crack pipe
I wanna love you but we just fun
I know you kill me, and that's not right
Pretend that you can hold a gun
And I will pretend that you're the only one
I never shot it into your night
Just show me how to pick your locks

On the street I see you walking ahead
I take a picture of the back of your neck
I won't do it to myself again
I won't do it to myself again

I see you bend down matching a grave
But that's a very grave thing to say
Out of place, out of take
Maybe this is all a mistake
So this devil in me is you
This talk is a kind of glue
A black mass, a sick stab
Something that I didn't choose
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