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Sad I Cry

Human Drama

Are these the roses of which you speak
Where you stop everyday to scheme
Of what color you will paint tomorrow
On the canvas hung today

For i am a dreamer who fears never living his dream
And what i wouldn't give
For just one embrace
I picture it now
And melt away

Sad i cry

Is that the sunset that moved you to tears
The colors they strike you so deep
It has risen on me every day of my life
But could never set without you

You are on a ship that is sailing
As i yell from the dock, "come back"
For without the nerve to chance the storm
We can never sail into the sun

Sad i cry

I am sad for my love for the painting
I can have but can never create
How the most vivid red orange sunset
Can only be color to me

I cry for my arms surround nothing
We only hold what we are
The dreamer will dream
The ship it will sail without him into
The sunset again

Sad i cry
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