Again 2 B Found


Humanimal - Again 2 Be Found

lookin through the windows, of your soul
all the information's hard 2 work out
try 2 see what u see, but i'm left blind
i need 2 find out...


visualize, losin' your mind, bringin u down
(bringing me down)
down again, count 2 10, near the end, just can't be
(just can't be found)
now i know, anything goes, turn it around
(turn it around)
round the bend, reprimend, never again 2 be found

eliminate emotion, u lost the fight
all the hesitation's killing your faith
now somethings' gotta happen, something's got 2 give
u gotta find a way...


i try my best 2 remember, you're trying 2 hard 2 4get
now i got the wheels in motion once again
although u shoulda known better, the truth will free
your mind
it's enough 2 drive u crazy, leave it behind.
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