Beaujolais Nouveau

Humpff Family, The

The was pulling out of the station I was bouncing the baby on my knee You said that all we were leaving Was long nights and longing to be free Waving to those smiling faces You told them we'd be back before they knew They said that they were longing to change places Wishing they could buy that ticket too CHORUS The hardest part's not leaving The hard parts not going away It's the life you have to take with you And the price the other people have to pay Now, I'm not one for nostalgia There are far too many things left to do But I'd rather be in George Square than Trafalgar And the only thing that's stopping me is you You said that you wanted to travel There were things that you wanted to see I see the knots you try to unravel And the only thing that's stopping you is me CHORUS x 2

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