It's so hard to make an effort to keep my surroundings in line, when sometimes I can't do it for myself. I confess, I'm not the man I proclaim. My feet are sinking into the mire beneath me...the mire...the mire beneath me.

I can't help but notice the endless battle for air while being swept by the tides of complacency. My knowledge is accountability. And I have to do something...I have to do something. Blinded by the plank in my eye, I cannot guide anyone. I have to do something.... I have to do something.

This lonely vessel is surely sinking. I'm surely sinking. I'm surely sinking. I'm surely sinking. Take me, if it means they die to themselves, only to raise up their new lives. Stop me in my tracks if it will shake them. Stop...stop me...stop me. We are nothing without each other.
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