Poison Paradise


Welcome to the land of broken dreams
A place where nothing grows
When the night falls the cold gets stronger
You'll fell it when you look outside

This battle must end up right now
Just like a passing storm
Could this field of happiness give us something good?
I see only broken hopes

You say that love is gonna change the world
But I don't wanna close my eyes
You say it all but you don't really care
You just keep on shooting

Welcome to the poison paradise

War, pain and flames
I can still hear the sound of your guns
The scream of the innocents

Welcome to the poison paradise


Your war is made by your greed
You brought the flames of hell to earth, you're the real evil!


So keep your faith untouched
Nothing justifies all the pain you've caused, where is your heart?
And watch your world turning to dust
Keep your eyes closed, keep your silence, you murderer!
God knows everything you've done
Nothing justifies all you've done to earth , don't you regret?
And watch your world turning to dust
Where is your god, I can't see him, where is your god, where is your god?
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