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I Set My Friends On Fire

I said, I saw it coming
Where did you see it!? Where did you see it!?

Why are you panting baby? Is it to hard to keep up with what you said?

From the outskirts of common sense this is extremely uncommon
So many lights ahead, if only we kept our eyes open
But now I understand that even if i was blind i could have clearly seen how filthy you really are


It would have been an excellent story, but I had to get up off the train
Get up, jump off with me, hold my hand and I'll explain everything

If only it was that easy story teller
Would you mind never speaking to me again? I would like for you to remain a myth

Tell me another lie, that it's all going to be ok, eating up every word you say, it's starting to taste good

I haven't heard one thing you have said
This whole time you were talking I was to busy picturing you dead

If I were to end abruptly, would it leave you wanting more? (wait for it, wait for it)
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