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When I'm Gone

I Walk The Line

You stuck a knife deep in my flesh again.
You're twisting it around until I don't feel more pain.
You tore me up in pieces today.
I'm on the floor and you just walk over me.
I don't know if I even care anymore.
I'm beaten numb,
I don't feel the pain at all.

I'm free when I'm up with the stars in the sky.
No worries of tomorrow,
no struggles of tonight.
I'm free when I'm up with the stars in the sky.
I'll find my asylum,
a resting place for me.

I wanna know if there's a place for me.
I still long for a place that I've never seen.
I wanna know if there's someone for me.
I still miss the one that I have never seen.
Will I ever be pure and whole again?
Will I ever be able to smile again?

When I'm gone,
take a look up in the sky.
You'll see a shooting star.

That's where I am.
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