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    Icons - Cry

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    Icons - Get Fucked Up

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    Icons - I Want

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    Icons - If You Were Dying

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    Icons - Indestructible Gun

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    Icons - Innocent Child

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    Icons - Lovelorn

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    Icons - Old Men Die

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    Icons - Ride My Bike

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    Icons - Sleep Baby Sleep

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    Icons - Speak Vernacular

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    Icons - Starla

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    Icons - Sunday

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    Icons - Walking Naked

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    Icons - We Rise Above

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    Icons - What It Takes To Be A King



People rise up to the evil
Raise your flag and make a stand
Love the world and everything on it
But never ever understand
No, never ever understand

Metal bars run through my head
Twisted in the hands of the working dead
They're gonna sound off sound off to the right
Live it up in my mind tonight
But that's all right, that's okay
I could've taken the easy way
I could've lift it up shut it up put it in a box
I could've turned around banned the sound take it to the underground

Cat smiles
He understands
Bowing down to the iron hands
He's gonna rip it UP
The litter box
Never die never kill that's all that's all
That's all right that's okay
I wouldn't have it another way
Dream of rain in the desert
And a day I'll have my fill
Dream of wrong right black white
Well-adjusted hermaphrodite


Lizards poke their heads outside the wall
Mother Mary's bleeding on the cross
Taxi driver fares Italian clown
Little boy is caught with his pants down

Fury through memory
I got a hi ho silver and a new TV
I got a burning passion for the never been seen
I got glory glory glory glory
One two three eternity
Three four five I'm still alive now


What I do in the basement can never be seen
He's got some big attitude 'cause he wrote the dream
He's got a parrot on his shoulder a scar on his hand
Parrot spouts these words that he don't understand
But that's all right
That's okay
I can look the other way
I am cool like the ocean nothin' ever touch me
Nothin' try nothin' die nothin' ever gonna get by
I cry


He delivers it in rainbows and shades of black and gold
Trying to tell stories that have never been told
The pawn would be piper the piper would be king
And not one would no what was happening
Said that's all right that's okay
I wouldn't have it another way
I wouldn't lift it up shut it up put it in a box
I wouldn't turn around ban the sound take it to the underground

What's here
This hemisphere
Is so Goddamn different than the next most near
Up down all around
Little droplets melt the frown
Always try always die always seem to get by
I cry
Cry cry cry cry cry cry

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