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Betrayed Soul


Wash away my sorrow
Leading the life that I forced myself to breathe
And now the voices are in silence
Then I can hear my wishing thoughts again

Free my wings
Free my soul


How cold can the taste of life be in this hall of shame?
With me you'll never see your light burn

Now I can see your face

Shedding all the tears of the lost values inside my senseless life
Every single thought of dignity became my reborn soul again

Free my wings
Free my soul

How bright can the dark be with this candle flame in you?
Look me and drop your burning hope

Now you can see my face

God knows how your soul will return now
There's no regret without some pain

Leave your thoughts aside with agony
Giving our destiny
The shades of God will never be
The shield of your regrets from this nightmare

Now you are free
To run from me

Goodbye, my old God, my enemy, my friend
It's time to leave you; I now know who you are
My soul will rest in peace and go to where I should now be

Good bye…
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