We Can't Be The Dearest

Imaginary Lie

Sorry... I can't admit that we can be the dearest
I can't buy the trouble and hurt myself
I got beef against you again and again
assure's not from betrayer

Love's less and less
hidden place of lie is all in your face[ it is all in your face ]

I can find the selfishness

This is sound like This is sound like
I'm falling down to deep byss
betray to me like all around is nightmare
explain to me No need to hide away

It's fault! The perfect liar shouldn't say apologize
I heard that before and you used to cry
but I can't pretending that you are not lie
I don't mean you already all wrong

Love's less and less
don't try to keep secret in your eyes[secret in your eyes]

Never to imagine [Alright it all over tonight]
Should I cry and die and blind?
[My mind can take all the way You say goodbye]
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