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Stand In Line


Standing like a statue waiting for the train
In front of the cigarette vendor

Slicking back his hair looking at the machine Reflecting like a mirror
Pulling up his collar to avoid the breeze
Of the oncoming bullet

Taking inventory of the things he needs,
He's checking out his wallet
Standing before our eyes straight and tall
*Here comes your hero, stand in line,

Straight as an arrow, stand in line
The mother's son, as perfect as his pompadour
A Spanish-American lover
Heading from the East into West LA

He has to dance La Bamba
So sophisticated is the French cologne
He borrowed from his father
Just another pistol, waiting for someone

To come and pull the trigger
So let his bullet fly through the air...
He'll take you home, stand in line,
If you deserve him, stand in line

(Repeat *)

That perfect stranger, stand in line
IF you deserve him, stand in line

(Repeat *)
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