In Reverence Of

Impending Doom

Loving God how could You take the only thing
I felt love from?
Where was your love?
Where was your comfort that I spoke of?
In this world ran by the enemy
Which lead me the think You to be the first
To damn my lack of faith
And trust left me in a hole of unbelief
Forgive me
She will remain in our hearts forever
On this earth when flesh dies our souls will reunite
She spoke to me of who You are
And how your love could never separate us
And how You did things only for good
And casted out all that is bad
Forgive me mother for my doubt
My Holy Father will cast him out
Come back Jesus, cast out Satan
Thank you for this loss, thank you for your blood
Thank you for the 16 years of life with her
And for the everlasting joy I'll have when you come back
And save us from this hell
Come back Father God of life, enrich us with your wealth
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