Last Sunrise


Rot away with the dissonance struck between each chord
Every sour note sings the symphony of your approaching death
Violins in the minor complete the sorrow you have driven upon yourself

Sustaining the apathy
That you need
That you grieve [x2]
Chained and weighted your body is sinking as you reach out to me
Fingertips break the way
Watch your life slip away
You watched every changing moment pass you by [x2]

Wishing you could see the sun rise one last time [x2]

One more line till your last sunrise
One more line till we mourn for you
Your life rests on thin white lines
To dissipate as the last flame burns like the friends you left behind

You never felt life before
You greeted death
You strolled along the rail razors in hand
Plunging head first into your own reflection

Wishing you could see the sun rise one last time [x2]

The ink is dry so turn the page to find an ending
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