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The Swan

In Tha Umbra

In a blood like lake
Imbued in immemorial beauty
Light extinguished in silent choirs
Whilst roses become black
As light withers
Amidst icy waters
And beneath a sombrous sky
Under the heaviest of rains
With a thousand black feathers
A black swan
Amidst icy waters
By the withering light
Dancing in these cold waters
A dance held in magnificence
Amidst the aura of dusk, drowning crowes
Glowing eyes so black, the ravens glow
And dance and sing so loud
And bleed such black blood
Through this spiritual winter
As the Autumn leaves fall
With the blackest of the sorrows
A black swan spreads its majesty
And with the absence of light
A black swan shines
The bright glow of the moon opens way
For the chant of the swan to play
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