Kiss The Lips Of Your Betrayer

Inked In Blood

Kiss the lips of your betrayer.
How beautiful you looked the last time
I spoke with you.
I know you loved me so.
I left you there among the jackals.
It was in my blood to betray you.
So now that I'm here again,
and you love me all the same,
will I be yours forever?

Or will I sell you out again?
I can make no promises.
I'm glad that you'll always be here for me,
and I'm glad you're not like me.
Oh how I love thee, woe how you love me more.
Kiss me again, yet I may still betray you.
Kiss me again.
Yet I know you'll be here waiting, w
ith your love and open arms.
Your forgiveness is never-ending,
and I'll quench your sorrow with my charm.
I could never love like you do.
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