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Inner Immensity

The birds always flies
It doesn't matter the size of your wings
It always finds the way
The sun suffocates you without mercy
Survive goes besides breathing its dirty air
A big storm visits your thoughts
The consuming that it devastates to each pain
The spirit will appear of a warrior fighter

It will have storms
You'll be the front of enemy who will try confusing you
The false extended hand
Exactly other people's to the conspiracies
Bets in your wings
Even surrounded of illusions
Under them the treasure will keep
Protected always it will be
A bigger and untouchable force observes

The fatigue tries to win your wing
And even with the drops of sweat in the eyes
It will not leave look the horizon
There is too much to conquer
In this immense desert of castles

And the reason to continue
It's a mystery that invades your veins
To unmask can be something impossible
But perhaps it can explains your blood
Have a direction to follow
It's your constant search
While the wind supports your wings.
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