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Brought to life by the essence of void
From nothing we've born
A thousand lives we lived
And another thousand we've died
Since always return to the Innerless clan
To feed from the void of souls
Now in our chamber of souls
You'd better avoid the void...

I can't see me in a throne
The dark tides turn my heart into stone
I don't pretend that I feel
My soul seeks for the dead part of me

And I feel time stretch inside
Why I feel this black so bright
Blind me so that I can feel
Kill me so that I can be sure I'm for real

Feel nothing from inside
The starving void roams in my mind
My body lives but I've lost command
I'm being sucked into nothing land


Deep inside, live a lie
I fade to ebony
My fate crumbles and crashes to heart ruins
Dark deception brings me to life just waiting to die...
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