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Needles In My Mind


One more night, with myself in the mirror
A face full of scars, a stranger me
Broken pieces of my dormant heart

Walking down lonely streets of tomorrow
There's no passage to break free
From the guilt and pain
That haunt my will to live

Many times, I wish I could forget
Everytime, I end up to pretend

Here it comes again
The feeling of regret
The way I chose to live my life
Left only needles in my mind
Here they come again
The shadows I can't stand
The foolish way I lived my life
Left only needles in my mind

God knows I've tried
Just to make things better
Although I never knew the way
Loneliness is now, the price I have to pay

The tears I caused
Still make me shiver
Tearing my soul, set ablaze
My oblivion, which gone without a trace

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