God doesn´t care if we blow up the fucking world


"God Doesn't Care If We Blow Up The Fucking World"

Bearing all your weakness on your own.
Pretending that you're out there but not alone.
Waiting here for god to save your soul.
When war is the only peace that you'll ever know.

As I remember times when we were trying as they're dying,
Oh yeah, Well I've found everyday I'm bound to my words and fate.
Fucking kill me please don't hesitate

Here we are, we're back here again.
Pretending that we get along, and can all be friends
Well I don't care what you might think we're all gunna die, so let it be.

As I remember days when we were trying.

Because I'm falling away. Oh Yeah. So hard to stay. Oh Yeah.

Cause God doesnt care if we blow up the fucking world.
He just wants to fuck all the pretty girls.
He says that I'm full of shit, well hes a fucking hypocrite.
Cause I know what I know.
CauseI know when I'm wrong and right
I know when it's my turn to fight
And I know he don't care anymore

Hey take me there, make me care, take me higher then the sun

Cause I am the one.
I am the one to blow up the fucking world
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