How do I contain all the hours of change?
Why do I give in to danger no one else would bear?
How do I believe in all I’ve failed to give you?
You return from nowhere
When I’ve learned to live without you

Now, now you say those vows couldn’t heal you
How? You made all dreams seem real and somehow you still do

Fingerprints concealed and destinies then were sealed
Ever since you burnt inside me
How do I convince you?

Now, now you swear that time was only sleeping
How, how did you release all that we were steeped in?

Found a heart a home when the mind was blown
Hiding in an unsafe haven
What if I’d never known you?

Still an ocean cried in waves I know won’t reveal you
So feel the second tide inside as it leaves you reeling
Now you shield the need that compels you
How? You set my soul on fire and somehow you still do
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