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I have seen me solace end a thousand times. I've challenged death without compromise. I have shown forbearance throughout my tortured existence. I only ask to be saved from the madness I face everyday. Instead I've been forsaken to live this hell alive.
Benevolence is a fantasy to those in apathetic ecstacy. Who openly embrace debauchery and swear allegiance to false prophecies. I live in a catastrophic misery. Am I destined to conformity? Unknown.
Many live in blasphamy, it's all they've ever known. Others search eternally for the kingdom and the throne. Not me.
My search for the truth begins and ends with me, as I continue on. Relying on defiancy to carry me to grace. So sick of living through the eyes of other people's compromise.
No more, I cannot fall I can't be led astray. I've come too fucking far. Fully prepared to reach the end of days unscathed. Unafraid of what lie across the great beyond. Heaven or hell I'll take them both head on. I shall accept whatever comes to be just end this misery

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