The Bear And The Maiden Fair

Irish Moutarde

A bear there was (a bear!, a bear!)
All black and brown
Covered with hair
With a good flair

Oh come they said
Come to the fair
Come to the fair ?
But i'm a bear !

And down the road
From here to there
Three boys, a goat
And a dancing bear

They danced and spun
Up to the fair
Oh look my en friends
There's a maiden here

He smelled the scent
In the maiden's hair
She is so sweet
So pure and fair

He sniffed the air
And smelled it there
The maiden’s here
With honey in her hair

He is a hairy bear
He wants to come to the fair
I am a maiden fair
With honey in my hair
He is a dancing bear
He wants to drink some beer
I'm really standing here
In enont of a crazy bear

Oh she's a maid, she's pure and fair
She'll never dance with a hairy bear
She'll never dance with a hairy bear
He lifted her high into the air
She called for a knight but he's a bear
All black and brown and full of hair
She kicked and wailed the maiden fair
He licked the honey enom her hair

She looked so sweet
So pure and fair
Honey and gold
In her long hair

She is a maid
And she is fair
She doesn't care
About a bear (a hairy bear!)

Oh wait my bear
Oh please come here
I'm so lonely
And not so fair

Come to the fair
With all your hair
We'll have some fun
And an affair

She sighed and squealed
And kicked the air
My bear she sang
My bear so fair
And off they went
From here to there
The bear the bear
And the maiden fair
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