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Sheriff Of Huddersfield

Iron Maiden

Life in a city living in L.A
Is a long way from Huddersfield town
The back of the Rainbow's a long way from heaven
But that's where he get's his pork pie
Limos and ladies they're
Driving him queasy
Rugby and cricket's unknown
Baseball and football they're making him lazy
Your fan club says "Rodney, come home"

The Sheriff of Huddersfield locked in his castle
Look down on Hollywood Hills
The Sheriff of Huddersfield locked in his castle
You're our own Hot Rod on wheels

A good game of arrows, a few dozen barrels
The Nautilus rusts in the yard
But for Yorkshire he's yearning
But because he's earning
He'll always live in L.A
A custom made wallet that stays in his pocket
And never comes out to pay bills
He's winning at poker and playing the Joker
And he always cheats when he deals

Hello, let me introduce meself!
My name is Rodney. I'm immensely strong
When I were a lad
I could lift up five navies on an end of a shovel
The reason I never took martial arts
Because I was immensely fearsome
And I'd probably kill everybody
I came into contact with it
I was phenomenally strong
Pride and ego, my lads, pride and ego
Is what makes the world rotate
And everybody knows the centre of the universe
Is Huddersfield but I don't live there anymore
I live in Los Angeles. It's great! I think

Rufus the red has a crane by his bed
To wrench himself up in the morn'
But if you dare to tread at the foot of his bed
You'll wish you'd never been born
A bear with a sore head, we don't mean your forehead
He slumbers for most of the day
Wide eyed and legless
Baked beans for breakfast
Your problem, Rodney L.A
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