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Soldiers Of Jah Army

Israel Vibration

Soldiers of Jah army, enough of we still about here
Come and fight this battle with me
Because we have to get our share
Cause it what it will, we have to reach atop the hill

Don't be there, standing still, it's not the time to chill
And if we don't reach there
It means we're lacking something still
So you see evil Hitch up in a corner

With them bad penetration, all day long
Evil was also appointed by them own delegation
Causing so much confusion over all nation
Soldiers of Jah army, won't you come and join me
Come and fight this battle with me

Let us set our captive free
Everyday, all they try, is to keep us down
All year round, everyday, they try to make us the clown
Revolution soldiers, tell me are you ready?

There's a distant cry from those who really need we
Soldiers of Jah army, You got to be so sturdy
Freedom. Liberation, Set our captive free
Fighting soldiers, Are you ready?
Come and join me, Fighting soldiers
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