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Tastes Like Kevin Bacon


You'll wait it out..
..Force is not the same..
..i bought ya..
..This world will explode..
..Into numb, one deal owned.....

Pray for your sons & your daughters
You didn't refuse
We'll the first one, weak arms
Right or wrong(right or wrong)
First off we'll dance when we dance
The last one we fault, the first one we kill...(the last one we fault, the first one we kill...)

Forsee her
Thats what we've done with your head
Your beging for papa
We're safer but
We wash our hands in death
End Me
When we fall...

He'll go, feel it grow
We may not be the ones
Feel it go, feel like we know
We move around
We'll pay
We protest
We'll pawn off war
We protest...

We all hit the floor
Right or wrong
Youre such a fool
Ignorance at it's best
We are at war
Ignorance isn't bliss
We are lied to you suckers
This is not a joke
In the end
All suffer
For what we've done
We all suffer...
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