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Danger In The Manger


To prove my reason for living this fucking life.
I will not walk these streets unclothed tonight.

You'll have to catch me,
When I run away.
I'm never coming back.

When I run away from myself,
Remind me to fill your heart with gunpowder.
To end it all.
Coming back when you're still.
You shatter to pieces.
I'm never coming back.
I'm never coming back.

I could scream.
I could shout.
I could set this room on,
Let you out.
And no one will tell me,
Hail to this, plain to see.

I could- not
I could- shatter
I could- better
I could- not
I could- shatter

Begging for a lift.
What I'm packing put away.
To prove the reason to fill your heart.
Could give it a shot.
To forgive myself
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