Here I Go Again


It's been a minute since I saw you boy
Must admit it's good to hear ya voice
And I guess that I forgot just how you make me feel when you're around
See you haven't lost your sense of style
And you still could melt me with your smile
Can't deny that I still got feelin' deep inside

(Oh) it's funny how things could change
But still remain the same
(Oh) isn't love just a crazy game
Baby here I go again

I look into your eyes and then
My heart remembers when
And I realize I've never gotten over you
Ev'rytime I hear your name
It's like the sun shined thru the rain
And I realize it's happening
Baby here I go again

Here I go again

Still remember how you make me weak
How I fought to find the words to speak
I just can't escape the memories
I tried but I just can't break free
Thought I closed the door on what we had
But these feelings just keep coming back
Didn't think that you could make me lose control like that


Sweet lovin' is ma ting
So you know mi got fi swing
That's why yuh request it again
Without a doubt yuh want to spend
And to experience it again
Because yuh love the way yuh felt back then
So make me light it up again
Re-ignite the feeling again
'Cause yuh rememba' them days when we used ta' chill
Up on the hill with the sun hot like a Maja Igrill
Gurl yuh Bajan beauty it's aimmed to di chill
Not to mention the way yuh make it will'

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