Fly Away

Jacob Miller

Spread your wings
And fly away
Fly like a dove so by 'bove, yeh now
I'm feelin' good
Like I know a should
But I should fly
I fly away with my grove
Capture heavens free up, free uh-uh-uh-up!
Tell me
How do you see?
There's a fish on over there for I
Give thanks, oh Jah
For what you have done for I
Heavenly father above
Give all He, give all He
Give thanks and praises, I say
Ho man, are up than what time out
See I hot and know about
Tell a I by did
I wanna tell yah about
Tell I, ho, I feel
Tell I, ho, I feel,ho Jah
'Cos I know my day-ah
Know my day will compose
Fly away with above
With the grove, ho fly
Lucifer why over them out
Told the Angola
We shall fly, we shall, we shall, we shall fly
Like a dove, a dove up above
That's where we'll fly
To the heavens all around as
Glory, glory, glory, glory
Father help us
Can't you see my people is suffering
Have a tear
Flood wash flood
Walk rise He's above the rocks
My people as tab and know now
My people are hungry
Can't you see, can't you see, ho Jah-ah-ah, ho Jah!
Hear I crying, hoooooo, ho Jah now
See my humble heart
See how I crying
Crying for my people, ho Jah-ah-ah
'Cos I shall
I shall fly like a dove, like a dove, I say
Fly, fly, fly, fly, fly, fly like a
Fly like a dove
'Cos I shall see the light, see the light
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