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Jadyn Maria

[oh oh not yet not yet]
[oh oh mmm yeah okay okay]

[verse 1]
I got a call on my cell the other day
Get ready cuz there's gonna be a party
Gonna have fun, we're gonna kick it
Pick you up in, in thirty minutes
But the thing is that i can see
Something's just not sitting right with me
Probably is a place i don't need to be
And the question came to me

Which world would i walk this path
Will i choose one way i could win
One way i could lose
I could do my thing
I could walk in the light at the end of the day
I wanna do what's right
When i get a moment
When i get my chance
Will it pass me by
All my life's a dance
I know one thing
There are so many voices
This life it's all about choices

[verse 2]
Walking down the hall
I spied her crying
She doesn't like me
Though, i've been trying
But is seems now
She's need to find out
What her life is really all about
I cannot be shy, gotta keep it moving
Could keep it to myself
But nothing to win
Now this is my time
Here's my chance, and the question came to me

[repeat chorus]

Do i just live a minute
With a song with no end
This world is a place of drama
No guarentee for tomorrow
Unpredictable consequences
Gotta make the right decisions
Cuz from now on out
It's gonna be vital
To the life i'm living
Now watcha wanna do
Show out when the choices come to you
What are you gonna try to do
Everything this world calls life
Like sit back, hi, going on for the ride
Just slide by, oh i don't think so
C'mon get ready, set, here we go (go go)

[verse 3]
The prom's raging
The night's fading
My perfect night turned so unpretty
I discovered slight intentions
Uncovered his dark deceptions
But mama always thought that
I ought to wait until my perfect day
Now what will he think
What will i say
The choice is up to me

[chorus 2x]
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