Girls Gone Wild

Jagged Edge

Say hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey
yeah yeah yeah yeah J.E (2x)

Yo I met this little girl in daytona
spring breaking with my dawgs
I was on her
didn't give a chance
to let another dude get on her
ya'll know I came with my mack game
hood like a crack game
I caught her early
I was sober
that mean's my thoughts goin right
and my words flowing nice and
the way she moved got me on da floor
I'm ready for take off
clothes got to break off

Got her giggeling and laughing
and I know she knows whats happening
she can tell by the way I'm repping
gotta repp this and baby's that's just

Lil' mama she like those girl's gone wild
can't miss the girl
she stand out in the crownd and
young and sexy with that freaky freaky style
walk through the party and get the club buck wild (2x)

now When I met her she was sipping on corona
and I was really really feeling her persona
didn't have a chance
I knew I had to put it on her
Cuz I get down like a stick up
everybody put your hands up
I ain't really tryna hurt nobody
But I was taken by her banging body
loving her could really be my hobby
I already got her laughing
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