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Spliff and My Lady

Jah Roots

Said baby i would like it if we could just stay at home
Not worry bout a thing, girl not even put your make-up on
Oh no problems, no bills, no calls, nothing goin wrong
Just you and me makin sweet love all night long

Cause my girl she burns with me now everyday
Yo gives me love love love in every way
Takes care of my children without a complaint
And i know i'll be with her till the end of my

Wake me in the morning yes baby just to give me a lite
Said nothing like a spliff and my lady at my side
Cool cool wind on my face and it feels so nice
Never wanna leave this feeling cause it feels so right


When we wake up girl you hold me close now this will take up
The whole afternoon well i dont care cause you're the greatest
In me world there is no other girl that ever take ya
Outta me life i say there is no one that could replace ya
I must say that, any bad i ever said i take back
I'm trying to be a better man but know i am not perfect
Still i can try deep down inside to not just let these feelings hide
When we're trying to build a better kind of life for your and i


Any time you're ready girl i'll be right on time
And i will roll up two spliffs so that we both get high
Spend some quality time together just enjoying this life
Thinkin about the future together how we pass through the time
When we sit back and toke i like to watch the smoke rise
Theres no need to worry about the troubles- leave them outside
If i say i didn't love you girl well that'd be a lie
What i'm really trying to say is girl i'm glad that youre mine
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