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Vision Of A Lady


I can look to the left, look to the right
When I look forward I see my way so bright
But what do I leave behind when I make a move on you
Behind my back people them a talky talk
start talking the moment I man kiss you in the dark
wether good or bad they will keep talking about us

Cause she`s a truly vision of a Lady

Far far away in thoughts I am with you,
thinking back to the days when our loving was so true,
some things are for now others are forever
oh jah I know that she put me through the test,
only a few days can be so intimate and then time it seems to be infinite
a moment in time when your life is going astray
and you don`t know between now and forever how to live a better day


She`s a truly.....

Two days for us an then...
We were so close yet the distance was a thousand miles
I get lost in your eyes while grey clouds are passing by
it`s too early to tell but to late to rewind what happened was reality
like a flash of light you are back in my life as present as never before
I am here I am now I am ready

Will you be there when I´m crying will you be there when I`m suffering
My truly vision of a lady....
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