Me and My B*tch


Ghetto slyck
Vi mill
Another ghetto classic baby
Y'all gone smell this one
uh uh uh uh uh uh
Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

Verse 1
Sittin here with karats in your ears
Mink on on your back
Your bank account stack
You deserve everythin you got
Cuz you held me down
When things got hot on the block
Lookin back I remember the days
When shit got thick
You were the first to say
Baby keep your head up it'll be ok
Your better off without that kinda goodass nigga anyway

It's on tonight
Cash up in the dash
And i'm feelin right
Got heat up in the seat
Just incase of beef
For anyone who wanna come test me and baby
Honey don't be afraid
See that cat drivin in that Escalade
Plottin on my riches, yeah
He will get slayed
Messin round with me and my lady
Me and my bitch

Verse 2
Your a dream your my ghetto queen
If i ain't got nobody else i know i got you on my team
So im a get the cake cop the rock
Meet your pops
Then move you whole family off the block
Still niggas talkin this and that
Ja don't know how to treat ya don't know how to act
You're a good girl
You deserve better than that
When infact accounts are major got your name attached


It's on tonight
Do what you like
Whatever's wrong
I'll make it right
I got your back you
Count on that
Whatever you need
I'm down for you
You're on my team
You're my everything
Your doe getting low
Girl you know i gots the cream
So tonight
It's all on you
So let your boy know
What you tryna do

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