Black and white


Baby it´s ok for you and me to go absolutely crazy
Running through the fields smelling the scent of love
and daisies
It has been ok since you left me yesterday i´ve been
looking for a place to stay
And now I realize I can´t look in your eyes and I´m
kneel down to pray

Black white they`re all shades of grey colours you
distinguish got you losing trueness
Didn´t you hear Lauryn Hill say: everything is
They are making you believe that you are being stocked
by evel extraterresrial bad aliens
Don´t let them use you like a piece of chess they only
need to relieve themselves of excess stress ...


The light at the beach made me so felice that I asked
you to please not get out your seats while I get down
to the groove and down to the beat and I I wanna do it
Tell me why can´t we just sit back chill drink beers
and have a good time?
Why do you blame me bitch if it´s you that has been


Iyeah, Iyeah
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