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My Triangle (Sesame Street)

James Blunt

Telly Monster: James! James! As soon as I heard you needed me I dropped everything! Well, almost everything! (Telly throws away the baseball he is holding) So, whats the problem? I'm here for you buddy

James: Telly, I've lost something very special to me, and I think you're the only one who'll understand

Telly Monster: Oh no, what did you lose?

James: Well, I can't really talk about it, but I can sing about it
(The music to You're Beautiful starts to play)

This shape was brilliant
This shape was brilliant
This shape was pure
I saw three angles
Of that I'm sure

And I saw three pointy corners
And then I saw three straight sides
The top was very narrow and
The base was all so wide
Telly Monster: Wait, that sounds like

A Triangle, My Triangle
Oh Triangle it's true
I saw your shape in a crowded place
Now I don't know what to do
Cos you're gone and I'm so blue
I searched low and high
Over earth and sky
but I can't find you Triangle
Tell me why?

And I miss your base
And I miss your height
And my dreams are triangular every night
My Triangle, My Triangle
Telly Monster: So beautiful it's true
Telly Monster: It must be those angles, put a smile on your face
Telly Monster: Not to mention the hypotenuse
But I need to know the truth
Telly Monster & James: Oh Triangle where are you?

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