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My God

James Fortune

I can’t help when I’m sitting thinking
About all the choices I knew I should have made
To think of how you love me
Easy to give myself to you, to you

[Guys:] It’s kinda hard to explain
[Ladies:] Just gotta take it from me
[Guys:] There is nothing
[Ladies:] God can’t use to bring him glory
[Guys:] Trust me He died to bring new life to you
And everybody gone know He lives one day

[Guys:] Who’s gonna make a way for you like my God
([Ladies:] like my God)
[Guys:] Chances everyday for you like my God
([Ladies:] like my God)
It don’t matter what they say this time
Everybody makes mistakes sometimes
Who’s gonna love you anyhow

Our life goes on when it seems like so much
Hit me all at once but like a rock I stand
Experience has taught me that He will never leave me, no

There’s nothing He can’t do
What seems too big for you
Is nothing, for my God
There’s nothing that can compare
When everybody leaves He’ll still be there
He’s my God tell me who’s like him

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