Just Like a Child

James Morrison

I keep holding on to time
Cause it moves so fast
Keep believing in a dream
Even though I know it won't last
Always looking to the stars
I follow no man's plan
Oohh I do the best I can

So if I fall
I'll fall with style
I won't lie where I land
I'll keep on running wild
Just like a child

I know you're said that it's over
Our last chance has gone
You said you've got to run somewhere
I hope it's somewhere you belong
And if you never come back
To this foolish man
Oohh I will understand

And if you fall
Fall with style
Just don't lie where you land
Keep on running wild
Just like a child

So if we fall
We'll fall with style
We won't lie where we land
We'll keep on running wild
Just like a child
Oooh just like a child
Just, just like a child
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