Soo Good

Jamie Dee

Jamie Dee - So Good

I gotta take my time
To find out what is right
And every night I try it's always on my mind
True love is what I need
True love is joy to me
Always the same old thing
I got to, got to, got to tell you

Why do I need someone
Who loves me like I do?
What can I do? I do
I really need someone
Who makes me feel so good
What can I do?
So good (8x)

I'm dreaming all alone
And this is how I know
My friends they always say
A love will come my way
Don't let it hurt so bad
Don't let it pass you down
'Cause now I try to say
I got to, got to, got to tell you

Uh love is coming
My heart's burning
Hold me darling
Now we got to, got to, got to prove it
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