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I'm A Gangster

Jamie Kennedy

Dont player hate on me
play...player hate somebody else
yeah,yo yo, im a gangster
where my dogs at
bark with me if your my dog
im going...im going to give a shout out to all the player haters
(i dont like player haters)
if your a player hater dont like play..player haters
(player hate someone else)
im a gangster
im straight up
(straight-up gangster dude)
grrrrr, im steaming mad
im a gangster
im a straight-up G
the gangster life is the like for me
shooting people by day, selling drugs by night being a gangster is hell uptight
i walk around town with a stark erection
then gave your mom a yeast infection
i saw the police man and i punched him in the eye
to serve and protect,what a lie
i also dont like white people, you should'nt to
and dont get me started,about the jews
im a gangster
grrrrr,im mad
im a gangster,my rhymes are bad
im a gangster
i might stout like a freezer
im a gangster
i dont listen to wheezer
i dropped out of school at the age of three
'cause all the teachers tried to player-hate on me
my rhymes are cool,just like doing cocaine
my rhymes are hot,like a burning flame
sysco is my homie he's a gangster too
me and sysco are the leaders of the gangster crew
i like to be in jail
and he likes to sing and dance
some say we're a perfect match
(step off,step back ,step AWAY,step back,don't step forward,step back,dont step forwards step backwards,backwards do not step to me ,do not step to me
im giving a shout out to all my homies in cell block eight
being in jail sucks 'cause you always have to masterbate
except when a jewish person goes to jail,all my homies cheer
they will make mints meat out of his rear
then petty helped me make the gangster beat to the song
i shot him in the face 'cause he looked at me wrong
im a gangster
i drop bombs like Heroshima
im a gangster
bitch suck on my weiner
im a gangster
i smoke weed and a cigar
yo,my gangster flow
im rolling on doves ice out like hockey
i got kicked out of japan for drinking kelosokey
what a bitch
gimme'head hoe
what's up to my dogs
they play this song on the ratioall day long
so everyone can hear my gangster song
nobody thought i'd blow up like a firestone tire
ohhh,theres no beat left
*gunshots*die*gunshots*die santa clause die*gunshots*
no i don't want to do whackapedalin'

i like to slap bitches...i like to slap hoes
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